Branding and Logo Design

The creative brief for this Men’s Health Support Group – BLT, or Blokes Losing Timber was for it to be; fun, irreverent, blokey but clear and professional. The aim was to create a recognisable brand that was different and interesting, but not too serious. Basically a weight loss and mental health support group for guys who like a pint, enjoy food, but know they need to do better!

We tested initial concepts, via the client’s already up-and-running Social Media, to see which of the designs were the best received. From this we also took into account the role of female influencers. The wives and partners of men are often the ones who are more concerned with their health than the men themselves. Therefore, the branding had to also appeal to women.

The chosen design was then worked up and the collateral of roller banners, newsletter and business cards were then rolled out. In addition Intrepid provided a selection of images for the client to populate his existing blog with.

What the client said:

“It wasn’t just your gift with bringing the graphics together, your years of insight into what’s likely to get the best response was also invaluable. I’ll be back for more as we evolve. Thank you.”
Jon Davey – Blokes Losing Timber


Branding and Logo Design