Merchandise Design

Intrepid Design is a leading design agency specializing in creating impactful merchandise for performance brands. Our team combines creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of brand identity to deliver exceptional designs that captivate audiences and elevate brand awareness.

Collaborating with BigCC, a renowned performance engine tuning shop, we created high-quality T-shirts to raise brand awareness at motorsport events. Our designs celebrated the remarkable achievements of riders who have fearlessly conquered speeds over 200mph, with exclusive units for those surpassing 250mph+. Remarkably, only one unit was produced for the prestigious 270mph+ club, making BigCC the only street legal bike worldwide to achieve this incredible feat at 271.8mph! In addition to the T-shirts, we also produced a limited run of double-sided workshop mugs featuring two distinct variations of the BigCC logo. One side proudly displays “BigCC – Turbo Systems,” highlighting their expertise in turbocharging, while the other side showcases “BigCC Racing – The Speed Shop,” emphasizing their commitment to delivering unrivaled speed and performance.

At Intrepid Design, we understand the power of merchandise as a tool for brand promotion and engagement. Our partnership with BigCC exemplifies our dedication to crafting designs that not only capture the essence of a brand but also resonate with its target audience. Whether it’s designing apparel, accessories, or promotional items, we are committed to helping performance brands stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Let us help you bring your brand’s vision to life and making a lasting impact in your industry. Contact us now on 01189 109971.


Branded merchandise design